Our Story Begins In The East

What used to be a long-standing greasy spoon cafe in Hither Green has in recent times regenerated to become one of the nicest, most authentic Vietnamese cuisines around.

Cafe Green was for a long time a local cafe in Hither Green, serving slap-ups to locals around the train station and the Springbank Road area. In 2015 however, a small Vietnamese family who have lived in the area their whole lives, decided to embark on an adventure into the local business world and bought the lease on the building, with the aim of bringing a little slice of the wonderful food and culture of Vietnam to Hither Green.

Visiting on one of the few sunny days we’ve been graced with this Spring, Cafe Green looked lovely and inviting from the outside, and despite its residential location, (at the end of a long row of houses) it sparks interest to passers by with a quaint table and chairs feature outside and a strong logo to go with its name.


65 Ennersdale Road, 

London, SE13 6JE


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Mon - Thu:     Closed

Fri - Sat:         12:00 - 3:30pm

                       5:30pm - 9:00pm

Sunday:          Closed